Coming April 4, 2017…


Four years have passed since Berenice's execution, and Arsinoe and Cleopatra face a terrible choice: to allow the Roman army to siphon power from their ailing father, or to take matters--and the dynasty--into their own hands.

It's the dawn of a new era for Alexandria: the Piper is dead, and Cleopatra and her brother, Ptolemy, are poised to inherit the throne together. But Ptolemy is only ten, and Cleopatra swiftly relegates him to the sidelines. When Cleopatra alienates Rome's remaining legions and Ptolemy seizes power, Arsinoe flees Alexandria with her sister to build an army to retake the crown. Meanwhile, Rome's civil war collides with Egypt's, forcing Ptolemy to either shelter his father's dispossessed benefactor or kill him to appease a new luminary in Rome. After Cleopatra allies herself with Julius Caesar and the deeply patriarchal society he represents, Arsinoe must choose between her sister and her country, a decision that will determine a kingdom's fate and the course of history.